You need to pay more attention to the occult

Remember when your parents lied to you about Santa Claus?
For a child, the fact that Santa isn’t real is occulted knowledge. It is hidden in plain view, and the lie is perpetuated by the community as a whole.

When the child discovers the lie, they are initiated into a new level of understanding. Ultimately, they feel good for knowing the truth, but the moment of discovery can be shocking.

Perhaps there are other lies in our society that function much the same way? Ones that we do not grow out of so early.
2020 is the year of perfect vision. Many of our problems are coming in to focus.And occulted information is starting to come out in to the open.

But it is not just about witches and magic spells. It is also about history. About the tragic wrongs committed by our recent ancestors. About the history of slavery in this country and the genocide of Native Americans.
We do not know the story, because it has been occulted. The same occultation happens every where you look. Pick an industry in this country, and tell me if you don’t find some fundamental rottenness at it’s core.

Look I believe humans are getting better. We are getting more sensitive. We are getting smarter and more aware. But we have a long way to go.
Many people will choose to try protect the old borders of reality, the ones they knew before 2020. They will try to cling to the past.

But my path, and I hope yours too, is to continue seeking out occulted knowledge grand and ordinary, and doing our best to bring it in to the light.

When we acknowledge things we can talk about them. And when we can talk about things we can change them.

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