Work Area


I strive to work in 90-minute workblocks with a specific goal. I shoot for 5 workblocks a day, mixing in the following categories.

  • Projects: Strategy, organization, design.
  • Gemba: Focused discussions with clients.
  • Study: Conversion of note debt into permanent notes.
  • Writing: Active production of readable material.
  • Control: Financial and performance reviews, bureaucratic tasks.


I frequently work from the NYPL or whatever coffee shop appears in my path.

I also work a lot at the floor desk at my studio in Northern Manhattan. It has lots of screen real estate and it’s low-distraction.

Working on the floor is unthinkable for most folks, but it is far superior for our health. It provides greater range of motion, better core strength, and getting up and sitting down keeps one strong. Few things are better for human health than sitting on the floor.


  • MacBook Pro 16″ Late 2019: Mostly I use Mac’s native productivity apps.
  • Things 3.0:Task management and brain dumpsite.
  • Obsidian: Permanent notes and main writing platform.
  • Web hosting.
  • Reeder:RSS feed/main digital input.

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