Unfocus Group

Ever find yourself wondering just what they’re thinking?

Whether it’s customers, collaborators, staff, or even yourself, the Unfocus Group can help.

Our brains tend to get stuck in grooves. The more we perceive something a certain way, the more likely we’ll perceive it that way again.

The Unfocus Group works by pulling you out of your silo, using the Socratic Method to investigate what else your vast and powerful subconscious already knows.

These sessions almost always yield big insights about the motivations and desires of the target, revealing simple strategies for improvement.

Whether you’re looking to resolve a conflict, increase commitment, drive sales, or simply see things from a different perspective, the unfocus group is a power move.

Unfocus Groups cost $175, and if you’re not over the moon about what we discover, I’ll gladly refund your money.

The Unfocus Group runs 60-90 minutes. It can be just you and me, or you can bring up to 2 other people from your team.

The session comes with a 1-page strategic summary, delivered within 24 hours of the call.

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