Source Material

This is a page of links to things that help inform the way I see the world. It is incomplete, and constantly evolving. This is my real about page, and I hope you find it a valuable resource.

Occulted History

Behind the Police is a multi-part discussion about the history of policing. They go way back. Explain things in a whole new way, and adds support to my belief that law enforcement is designed to protect private property, not human rights. I hope we change this some day, but at the moment, too many LEOs are still unable to even acknowledge the profound racial and gender biases in our system.

1619 podcast. If you’re white and you won’t listen to this, you’re a wimp and a fool.

An expert peeling-of-the-eyeball-shields us white folk have about race and the sanitized bullshit we teach each other about slavery. YOU GUYS DID FUCKING WHAT???

White Fragility.This is the academic paper that spawned the book. that Important shit we all need to hear. Gave me insight into my behavior and bearing as a huge white guy traipsing about the world.

Think about how we got so rich. Do you think perhaps it was related to this and other massive economies built in the early days of globalization?

I’ve watched Hypernormalisation at least 3 times, and I still don’t fully understand. But I know it’s important.

Donald Trump is without question a Russian Asset. What’s weird is that in the waning days of his presidency, we don’t even talk about it. This podcast lays out the giant piles of evidence in a clear and cogent manner.

Deep Pools of Money

This film explores the history of the slave trade, and how it built great fortunes in Europe, Africa and North America.


McMansion Hell is a website that helps us understand why American architecture is so often awful. Look the spaces we occupy effect our psychology. Profoundly. Is the fact that so many Americans live in house like this a symptom, or a cause?

Blood Cults

Divorce Corp. Oh looks, another multi-billion dollar that incentivizes human suffering.

Illicit Influence

Psywar is a documentary lifts the lid on modern public relations, and shows how much psychological manipulation is happening in The United States.


Horse and Rider

The Five Conditions. A good model, but also a window to broader American institutional programming, trickled down from the army.

How does the horse feel about being ridden? Does the horse know it’s being ridden? What is the experience of the horse?

What is common cause between the horse and the rider? What differing interests do they have?

Head, Heart, Hands

Rules of Reality

I’m a Sigma. I don’t fit that well in regular social groups. This is a story about a woman who was denied Swiss Citizenship because people found her abrasive. She was trying to change things too quickly. It hit me in the heart.


Moving Around

This is my coaching contract, if you’d like to read it.