Gemba Sessions

To improve a system, observe the system.

Gemba, or genba, is a Japanese word meaning the place where it happens”. Popularized in the West by Taiichi Ohno, he emphasized the importance of directly observing work in the pursuit of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

I offer two types of Gemba Sessions:

  1. Traditional Gemba Sessions, visiting your work area to observe and interview your team and producing a list of low-cost, low-effort improvements that’ll strengthen your operations.

  2. Gemba for knowledge workers who’s primary work area is in their mind. In these sessions, we examine unconscious beliefs as well as work flow to strengthen work habits and routines.

The first Gemba Session is a 1-hour, $99 phone consult, which is often all it takes to dramatically improve performance. If you don’t find the call enormously valuable, I’ll gladly refund your money.

Schedule now.

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