"My audience isn't growing fast enough." 

Success as an artist is 70% mindset and 30% tactics. Let's talk about where you might be holding yourself back.

During your free Deep Dive Strategy Session for Artists we will:

  • Outline the 4 stepping stones to any successful creative career
  • Shine a light on how you've been subconsciously hiding from the people you're here to serve
  • Clarify your vision, strengthen your confidence and build your self-belief 
  • Unlock simple daily routines that will help you create and promote your best work every day

Is this for you? 

1. You're driven to be a professional artist, actor, writer, musician, maker, etc...

2. The normal world doesn't work for you; you refuse to sleep through this life like everybody else. 

3. You make awesome stuff.


1. You're wasting energy. You start and stop projects, lose focus and spend too much time in self-doubt.

2. You hate to be pushy. Your art will enrich people's lives, but you don't want to shove it down their throats. Since you're not comfortable 'marketing' yourself, trying to promote yourself is like pulling teeth.

3. You're hiding from your true fans. Because you aren't crystal clear on exactly who will value what you make, you chase the wrong opportunities (and ignore the right ones).  

Hi, I'm Morgan Oxley. I'm giving away 100 Deep Dive Strategy Sessions to artists around the country. 

I've been a professional hypnotist since 2011. I've helped hundreds lose weight, quit smoking and more.

Now I work exclusively with established and emerging artists to bring their art to more people.

I believe that art is what moves humanity forward, and my highest utility is to help artists like you to inspire your audience.

Taking a client call in the office bathtub

Taking a client call in the office bathtub.

My goal with these free sessions is to 1) grow my practice, 2) better understand how to serve artists, and 3) offer you as much help as I can in 60 minutes. 

This session is completely free. If we're a good fit, I may invite you to work with me at the end, but our time will be spent on helping you move forward. 

Here’s what people are saying about their Deep Dive Strategy Sessions: 

“Since our talk I feel more courageous to do what I am supposed to do, meaning go out there and start singing.” - Isa Fuentes, Bay Area

“My loving and supportive voice is a little louder than my negative and bullying voice. Our talk reminded me that yes, I can, and that it'll all be alright.” -DiegoLandia, Boston

“I have a greater understanding of how I need to focus and am beginning to understanding a successful personal art practice.” - Anonymous

“Our session has given me more confidence about my singing, because even if it's not where I want it to be, I don't have a nagging voice saying "maybe you should just let that dream die”. I've realized I don't want it any other way.” - Anonymous

“I've been able to stop and enjoy things instead of constantly focusing on and smothering my work.” Kaitlyn Gold, Los Angeles

Request your free Deep Dive Strategy Session now.

Thanks for reading, and please keep making art.

Your creativity makes the world a more beautiful place.