Hey, I’m Morgan. 


People always ask me, “so why’d you become a hypnotist?” which is a fair question because wtf?

I’ve always been drawn to the hidden stuff that people don’t talk about. I just always wants to know what’s around the next corner and through the next door. I ask “why?” a lot, like a 2 year old. It’s obnoxious.

Born and raised in Alaska, I dropped out of college after a semester, which was widely regarded as a bad move but turned out great. It’s a big asset for me now  because I make different assumptions than my clients. Plus no debt.

Anyway after I left the system I spent a few months playing chess in Bellingham then did a long solo trip around North America followed closely by another long solo trip in Asia. I had my 21st birthday in Dharmasala, where the Tibetans have their government in exile.

I spent a few years working as a bike messenger in Boston, then spent almost 5 years in Guatemala. I was volcano guide and later part-owner of a bar called “Kafka”. Also I was unemployed in SF for a year.

I’ve been doing this hypnosis thing professionally since 2011. Nothing is more fun to me than sitting down with someone, rolling up our sleeves and making their lives richer, easier and deeper.

And really I became a hypnotist because it was the best way I could find to become a better person. I’ve made it my path of  study to keep becoming more aware of my own influence on people and events, and to use that influence for the greater good.

Thanks for stopping by,

Morgan Oxley