I help artists have adventures. 

Born and raised in Alaska, I dropped out of college to do a few years of solo-travel. Later I was a bike messenger in Boston and owned a bar in Guatemala. 

In 2011, I became a professional hypnotist in Portland, OR, but what I do now doesn't quite fit that label. 

I facilitate heroic journeys (because every time someone commits to making a change, that's heroism.) 

To be fair, I'm often a solution of last resort. People turn to me when they've tried everything else. But I've got different tools in my toolbox. 

The adventure that you and I develop for you might be out in the world, or it might be down inside to explore your subconscious mind. 

I've spent my life looking at the invisible and the unseen. I ask great questions and I know how to get ideas to stick. When you're trying to level up, I'm a great asset to have in your back pocket. 

Morgan Oxley