I tend towards chaos rather than control. 

Hi, I'm Morgan Oxley. 

Born into a family near the bottom of Alaska's liberal elite, I was expected to go to a good school.

Instead, I dropped out of a 3rd-rate college in Colorado to travel the world and read books.

I'd been all the way around the planet by the time I was 21. I continue to take strange, seemingly pointless trips just to see what's out there. 

I was a bike messenger in Boston, owned a bar in Guatemala, and had a hypnosis practice in downtown PDX.  

I'm currently living in the old mining town of Bisbee, AZ. 

Feeling always comes first.

Consistently skeptical about any 'official' story, I'm fascinated with the occult, the hidden, and the unspoken. This desire to know what else is down there is what makes me useful to artists like you. 

I've got 700+ hours of clinical hypnosis and coaching experience, and hundreds of hours of training with some of the best minds on earth. And of course I've read a bajillion books.

But where I really shine is my weird and wide life experience. It helps me see patterns and deep currents that others miss, and I know how to help you turn a desired change into a reality. 

People who work with me get a blend of practical, conscious-level strategy and powerful subconscious exploration. 

To succeed as an artist, you need a balance of chaos and organization. Our current world-order tends towards too much control. If you're into rules and playing it safe, I'm probably not the right coach for you. 

Why are there so many questions that aren't allowed to be asked?

On the other hand, if you like to dig in the dirt and aren't afraid of what you might find, we'll have an excellent dialogue. 

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Thanks for reading, 

Morgan Oxley