I’m a generalist with a deep curiousity about root causes.

Born and raised in Alaska, my education came through extensive travel, broad reading, and a wide range of lived experience.

  • I studied and practiced hypnosis, giving me uncommon insights into the human subconscious.
  • I’ve built the operations of several small businesses from the ground up, creating a deep well of mistakes to learn from.
  • I’ve had more than 100 direct reports from a dozen countries, teaching me how to adapt to cultures and personalities.
  • And I’ve worked inside more than 50 companies, revealing differences and similarities in human organizations.

With experience as an owner, manager, and worker across multiple contexts, I’m good at helping people in different silos talk to each other. I believe that to thrive in the 21st century and beyond, our companies and institutions ought to adopt the 5 Habits of Healthy Organizations.

I’m a big fan of meandering walks, deep talks, and Liverpool FC. I live in Manhattan. YNWA.

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