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 How do you connect your art with a bigger audience? 

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Every day I speak with musicians, writers, actors painter and artists of all kinds who want to make more money, live deeper lives and help save the world. 

At the heart of these conversations is a not-so-simple question: How can I can create more value from my work, both for myself as the artist, and for those who interact with it?

In my experience, every honest artist struggles with 3 key challenges, and for each there is internal and external work to be done. 

  1. How do I maintain my creative output? 
  2. How do I develop relationships that increase my influence? 
  3. How do I continue to grow and evolve into a better human being? 

Meeting each of these 3 challenges require positive routines, habits and view points that address the exoteric and esoteric. When this happens, we thrive, but that balance can be hard to find. 

That's why conversations like the ones I offer are so important. They help you explore and adapt your internal environment, so you can better capitalize on the situation you're in now, and grow beyond it to a place of greater serenity and influence. 

Why do we take something functional and turn it into something aspirational?

I believe that it's important that, as an artist, you become more influential. Because it isn't enough to just make a living. You need to challenge hearts and minds too. 

The ancient Greeks only saw 3 0r 4 colors. Homer thought that the ocean was the color of wine. But just a few thousand years later, human beings can see thousands of colors. Why? What changed?

Artists like us have been agitating for increased sensitivity and perception since the dawn of our species.  

While most humans are content to accept the world as it is and do things the same way they've always been done, you're part of the small fraction of humanity that refuses to accept the status quo.

Our collective struggle is what has led to the discover of new ideas, new frontiers and new colors.

Why are we compelled to contribute to each other's work?

When you perform a song, write a story, or paint a picture, you're making people feel something they've never felt before.

You're creating new neural pathways in their brains, making them smarter, more aware and more alive. 

These new connections are what drive the evolution of our species.

So while it's nice to get paid, the real value your art creates is the influence it's having on human progress.

If you've been struggling to connect with a bigger audience, here's some unsolicited advice: 

  1. Accept that most of your obstacles are between your ears, and they can be fixed. 
  2. Prioritize your state of BEING over 'getting things done', because good feelings make good decisions, and bad feelings make bad decisions. 
  3. Engage in an on-going process of unpacking (and re-packing) your beliefs, routines and habits so that your work is consistently becoming more valuable. 

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