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Your Mind Has a Hyperdrive

Creatives are using hypnosis to fuel unlimited performance.

Where will it take you?


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Ancient art. Modern science.

Trance is your birthright. Egyptians used the sleep temples of Imhotep for healing and growth more than 4000 years ago. But hypno didn’t fit into the early theories of the scientific revolution, so it was pushed to the fringes and branded as mind control. It’s not mind control. It’s cooperation.


Scientific evidence of trance and the utility of hypnosis has been piling up, proving what hypnotists have known for centuries: Use hypnosis to harness trance, then use the enigmatic power of trance to restore, explore and achieve.



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Rugged Disciplines

Grow Your (Neural) Network


Unbreakable Routines

Write 6 hours a day. Never eat another donut. Meditate daily. Hypnosis helps you build habits that stick around even when things change.


Secret Wisdom

Humans have always used trance states to access transcendent information. A good hypnotic operator helps you switch from the sympathetic (fight or flight) to the parasympathetic (rest + digest) nervous system, so you can access these other channels.


Strategic Insight

Billions of bits of info. That’s what you absorb every day.  A tiny sliver of that busts through to your conscious awareness and the rest is recorded, stored and used by your subconscious to make “automatic” decisions. Hypno facilitates access to the vast data farm of the subconscious, giving you powerful insights into why you do what you do, and why other people do what they do, so you can use that information to make brilliantly thoughtful decisions.



Hypnotic Services



Great groundwork for your meditation practice and excellent for stimulating creative powers.

Writers and actors use this 60-90 min session for relaxation, rehearsal and focus.


Habit Overhaul

Need to clean up your eating, up your productivity or start getting out more?

Whatever discipline you need, we work together until you’ve made it a habit. 30-45 day engagement.


Mission Control

Ongoing high level talks about your far-horizon strategy and your daily tactics.

If you’ve got a mission in life, 10x your results by recruiting your subconscious mind to help.

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What can you do with hypno? Schedule a free 20 min call and find out.


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Testimonial 2

“I saw a video the other day… A hand comes into frame with a red magnet; as it crosses into the circle it pushes one magnet away, which causes a chain reaction. Like magic, each of the other magnets is affected to spin, squirrel, snap, flip, soldier, ease, jump, and pitch into one organized line of attention.


Working with Morgan is like that: sometimes the maneuver so deft it can pass by conscious notice, and yet after talking with him your thoughts are like that connected line of magnets—one organized line of attention and purpose. His value is in being so adept at getting your thoughts to line up, you’re pretty sure it was your idea in the first place.”
– Rachel DB.